I'll Make a To-Do List

By EasiestFool


Exams are over - and it didn't go to badly either! As a result, I went home and had a nap. (Bet you weren't excepting that from the picture eh? :P) It was good, and I feel much more relaxed now.

I now have two weeks off until term restarts so I'm hopefully going to to visit the botanical gardens here soon, and a multitude of other stuff.

The picture is a celebration, some of my class are already out (like I said, I napped) but we're going to watch Star Wars (which I've never seen before) with the aforementioned Gin, then go out and meet everyone.

Side note: Please drink responsibly, and Gordon's is most likely registered in some sort, and I don't have 'rights' to put this material up, but I will because I can. MUHAHAHA. Silly SOPA.

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