Plean Country Park

Thought we could dodge the rain today and take a good wander around the country park to survey the damage form all last month's storms. We didn't. It was wet, and it was wild.

The place has taken a brutal battering with some really large and really old trees gone for good but there's plenty signs to show the clean up's well in hand. Any tree that has fallen across a path has had a big chunk chainsawed out of it to allow access and there are piles of logs being gathered at various points all over the woodland. The park has a lot of sculpture and the like embedded into the landscape but I didn't see any evidence of that having fallen victim to the storms. I'm sure by the time spring comes around (plenty of snowdrops out already to tease) nature will be doing its best to cover the scars and the park will be back to its best.

This photo might look all peaceful and serene but I'm not going to say what Euan was up to with that tree a few seconds later. And I've been told warned I've NEVER to post the photographic evidence that shows it either. Spoilsport...

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