New Wheels

The boys finally went to sleep at 5am this morning!!!!! I got my own back though by waking them at 9am to go out for breakfast :)) I didn't think they'd be that hungry considering the huge quantity of pizza, chocolate and doughnuts that they consumed last night but astonishingly they scoffed huge platefuls of sausages, bacon, eggs and beans!!!!! Then packed them all up and delivered them back to their respective homes *sigh of relief!!

Last week we bought Lucy a car for when she is 17 and can learn to drive. A few months premature I know but it was such a bargain and exactly what she wanted that it made sense to get it now rather than spends countless weekends later in the year looking for one exactly the same. We didn't tell her until we picked it up this has been sooo hard not telling anyone but so worth it to see the look on her face :))

Shattered now though so a peaceful hour or two before swimming club.

Looking forward to next weekend already - it is definitely going to be more relaxing than this one!!!


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