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Cuff Link

Yesterday we went to see the very excellent Brighouse and Rastrick Band. I wore a nice shirt and it has proper cuffs so I had to wear cuff links. They were a gift at work on a secret Santa thing, at the time I was the company webmaster and I suppose they were apt. As it happens they are useful and not too silly, so I do actually wear them now and then.

Today I spent quite a bit of time dropping glass beads into a bowl of water, and photographing them on very high speed shutter speeds to try and get a nice blip. Suffice to say I took over a hundred shots and though some were just about passable none of them were good enough to upload to Flickr/Picasaweb or here. I'll have to try again.

Time to do some more ironing and watching Farscape DVD while the better half is having a long hot bath.

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