Late blip tonight, just back from choir in Linlithgow.

Most years when I've grown Hyacinths the blooms have gone 'leggy' and flopped over the side of the bowl. I asked at the garden centre why this was and was told that, in the living room, they were too warm.

This year I have put some on the landing window, which is quite cool and just look what I've got - four magnificent flowers (and a bonus one still to come).

The variety is Purple Sensation. I can plant these in the garden after they have finished flowering, unlike the artificially 'prepared' bulbs for Christmas, which flower once only, apparently. The downside is that these have very little scent, a shame because I have a poor sense of smell and hyacinths are one of the few I can smell, but I think these are the most successful I've ever grown.

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