Plus ça change...

By SooB

Secret Chapel

Very hot day today. We drove up into the hills looking for some cooler temperatures, and had a couple of nice walks, including one up to the ruined castle at Chapelle de la Trinite. The views from the top were amazing - great views of Canigou (our local big hill) and indeed over the Rousillon plain to the sea. The blip is of the eponymous Chapel, looking down from the castle - chosen just because I liked the way it made it look isolated and hidden in the trees. In fact it's the heart of a group of 6 or so buildings (including an impressive looking Mairie).

Back home we all stripped off to don cossies and jump in the pool, when Mr MT appeared looking rather shocked and pointing at our wee son who had what looked for all the world like a terrible case of blood poisoning, with deep red markings all over his thigh. Luckily, I have seen the relevant episode of 'House' and was able to wipe off the blackberry staining with a damp towel, to great relief all round. (He'd thought it would be smart to hide some of the brambles we picked on our walk in his pocket for later, then they got crushed and the juice soaked through to his skin...) How we laughed...

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