All that is beautiful

By sharob


Self portrait. My birthday is on the last day of May, so I aim to take a self portrait every last day of the month - makes sense! I completely set up and took this all by myself. Thank goodness for an emergency trip to Dunelm this afternoon for a black sheet! But now I have one, photographers always need a black background! I am not usually in front of the camera, I don't like my face front on, but I love my profile. My eyes are the most beautiful thing about me, they are the darkest brown - almost black. I don't think it's bad for a first attempt - I must get a remote shutter release .. something else to add onto my list for the end of the month .. this shopping bill is getting longer and longer by the day :) I just need to learn to really post-process to fix my skin!

Camera Mode S, WB Auto
Things I did - ISO-800, 34mm, 1/15, no flash, meter mode centre weighted,
Things camera did - f/5
Processed in GIMP - adjusted histogram levels to darken the black

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