The Northerner

By tangohead

Just gettin' ma film...

Had a pretty tiring day today. Plenty lectures/seminars, finalised Winter Tour refunds and developed a film.

Well, I say a film. When I was winding the film in, I felt a lot of resistance but carried on anyway. 'Must just be a bit firm', I thought. Turns out that I didn't have the rewind dial in the right place meaning that I was stretching the film until it snapped.

Thing is, I didn't realise it had snapped until I had developed it. I thought that somehow (presumably by magic) I had managed to pull the film off the reel. This left me with half the film still inside the canister. Armed with a pen knife and can opener I managed to prise my way inside - in complete darkness.
Managed to get the film out unscathed though!

Will be interesting to see how it comes out tomorrow when Josh develops it!

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