Blue Skies

Blue skies at last. Sigh. Been craving some color to our day. It's been more typical lately than earlier this winter. Gray. A bit of rain. Dull color. But not today. We began with light filtering through the clouds.

Arvin and I went early to the Bellingham Music Club program because we were celebrating our 96th anniversary this morning with coffee and goodies before the program. The winners of the Enid Carrick high school piano awards were performing this morning. They were marvelous. I'm always so impressed with how wonderfully the young musicians who win our awards play. They are so mature in their playing. Great technique and with feeling. That's how it was this morning. Afterwards the usual suspects went out to lunch at Mikanos. Arvin and I split a lamb chop lunch. Yum! We had a great time with our friends, fellow board members and others who socialize together after our programs. Such fun.

Afterwards we drove home and were met with the gorgeous view over the lake with fluffy clouds and blue skies. Had to make that view my blip. And today I couldn't keep from playing with it a bit. Check ou the large version.

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