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Jewel Jellies

Yesterday, my mother-in-law dropped round with an armful of gladioli (Dame Edna Everage would be delighted!); two telegraph cucumbers, a head of bok choy and some beans from her garden. She also brought ten small sample jars of her home-made jellies - 'the entire range' - for us to try. She is now making these commercially, though on a relatively small scale, and already has a display stand selling them at a restaurant/cafe shop near Richmond. She would be the first to point out that the labels on these jars are 'not the REAL ones.' These are old labels made for her by my husband a few years ago but she felt they weren't modern enough in design, so she has had him design a new range for her, which is still at the printers!

The jellies really are delicious, many of them from recipes she has made up through trial and error. The flavours are:

Spicy Quince & Orange Flower Water
Pear & Chilli
Hot Chilli Peach
Spiced Redcurrant
Spiced Blackcurrant
Tomato & Herb
Spicy Crabapple
Tomato, Chilli & Capsicum
Grape Plum & Cardamom

Inspired by MPP26's blip of her apricot jam yesterday, I decided to photograph my mother-in-law's jellies today. I took them into the garden and arranged them on one of the old railway sleepers from which the steps and raised flowerbeds are made. I think this gives them a suitably rustic setting as, after all, they are produced on a farm in a rural area beside the Motueka River, using all her own fruit. Immy saw me reviewing the photos earlier this evening and remarked, rather witheringly, "Oh, random pictures of Gran's jellies on a step. Nice." I'm afraid she finds the whole maternal blip-obsession rather boring (though I have noticed her taking more photographs herself since I started blipping. I'm quite sure there's no connection whatsoever....)

Immy has now had three days at school and is slowly getting to know people, though yesterday she said school felt 'a bit surreal.' Apparently someone had asked her "Are you, like, FROM somewhere?" Another planet, maybe!

Tomorrow after school we are going out to the farm for a couple of nights, as a good friend and ex-neighbour (she has since moved to Australia) of my mother-in-law is staying with her. There will be plenty of blip opportunities out there.

By the way, thanks for all the nice comments and stars on my blip yesterday - most unexpected but much appreciated!

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