Plus ça change...

By SooB

Not a bat

Most of today (ok, so I'm exaggerating a bit) was spent trying to take photos of sleepy bats. Since they're pooing all over our soon-to-be-rented-out-at-a-(not very really)-exorbitant-price house, I felt they owed me a couple of pictures (no flash, obviously, I'm not a monster). But it turns out that taking pictures of very tiny creatures in very dark holes is harder than you might think.

So, here's a big pink flower instead.

This bush is actually quite fab and flowers without a break from March to October. The flowers have wonderful lilac buds, then get huge pink flowers which are very fragile and short-lived but so bountiful that you don't really notice (until you realise that the steps are two inches thick with dead flowers). No idea what it's called - hoping someone will be able to tell me.

Me and son (he's still poorly and now rather tragically out of asthma medication - eek - might be time for another of my famous trips to a French GP - last time I had a broken rib) stayed home today while the others headed off to climb Cathar castles. Of course, the one trip I decided to miss out on turned out to be a blip-filled day (not that I'm obsessed or anything) with Mr MT actually helping a falconer carry his eagle's radio location device up the hill to the falconry display. The guy was already carrying an eagle and, I'm given to understand, they're quite heavy. Anyway, I can't tell you about the display because I wasn't there but I understand Mr MT was getting some quite good shots until the vulture flew into his camera arm.... Still, I feel really good about the fact that I stayed home to look after our sick child and spent the whole day cleaning (grumble grumble).

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