By Bittersweet

Something small on something frozen.

A girl gotta have some fun.
Ughh, I am exhausted.
700 photos today, many of them of moi, not really uploadable ( I have realised that I need haircut, make up, maybe a shave? ;-0 hehehhe), including 300 details of a pineapple, 200 close ups of a twig, you get the picture...
Massive learning curve, by midday I have figured out that the lens that came with the camera is better at shorter distances.
I have also figured out that whilst a dslr seems really amazing on people shots and on close up, a good compact will cater for those I need to take a photo of this thing right now moments .
Now I really really have to iron and clean that monumental mess that is my kitchen.
Such fun!

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