a town called E.

By Eej

More People Practise

Me: "Tyleeeeeeer, could I ask you a really big favour?"
Tyler: "Yeaaaah?"
Me: "Could I take your photo?"
Tyler: *laughs* " Yeah, I don't care!"

(in my world, that loosely translated into: "Oh, ofcourse, Erica, not only would I LOVE to, I'm also extremely flattered that you'd ask me!"

Me: "If I'm happy with it, can I use it for my photo blog?"
Tyler: *laughs more* "Oh, yeah, I don't care"

(in my world, that loosely translated into: "YES! How exciting! How lovely are you for thinking of me!")

He's a good egg, this one. I hope he doesn't kill me when I show him this tomorrow morning. Or worse; never wants to pose for me again ;)

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