Scoots, Shoots & Leaves

By TerriG

Oliver, a Grimm grip

A friend told me this morning that the TV show Grimm would be filming an episode at one of the local food co-ops today. I've been hoping for an opportunity to photograph one of the TV production companies, so after Liza's vet appointment, we went up to Northwest Portland to see what we could see. It was pretty easy - I drove right into the area where all the trucks were parked - talked to a couple of security people (who fell madly in love with Liza) and found out the best way to get to the location.

There wasn't much to see other than lots of equipment and trucks, people schlepping stuff in and out of the store where they were filming, and other people standing or sitting around waiting. I talked to a lighting engineer who said it was like the army - lots of hurry up and wait.

I met Oliver, who is a grip. I told him I always wondered what a grip looked like! He said, "Well, now you know!" A very engaging young man. Most of the workers were texting or reading or chatting in groups waiting for the next thing to do. It really doesn't look like a very exciting life.

More photos on my Facebook page.

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