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By RichieBoo

On Ya Marks - Get Set - GO!!

I would like to thank you to you all who commented, rated and added favourites to my entry from yesterday, as a result of all your fantastic feedback my Twin Symmetry Infinity reached "Spotlight" so once again a MASSIVE thank you, greatly appreciated!

You're probably thinking "No!!...!!" he's processing again lol. I am, but for a good reason! I went to the gym today and was asked if I would attend tournaments to take action shots of activities and of the gym so photographs can be put up to adorn the walls and corridors of the sports hall. Part of the remit was to bring things to life, so this is experiment one!click here to see the original shot.

I will be attending my first event Wednesday 8th (Super ball, basketball) during the interval one of the University colleges will be doing a dance routine, I have already previewed their act - street dance. So I will have plenty to snap. I just hope that I capture a lot of great action shots and turn out some work that's worthy! - The pressure is now on!!!

Being a blipper has really turned my fortunes around and (touch wood) has brought many opportunities of being expressive and to allow creative flair to be stretched to the limits.

Next blip from Super Ball Wednesday - until then Happy Blipping ?.

Ps. Hope you all have had a great day? and I will get round to thanking you all personally on yesterdays blip...

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