By Bittersweet

Wheelnuts Part II.

Rushing today, from one thing to another, guess the kerb again.
The tyre was flat within seconds. I walked two miles back home to call the insurance people, who have called the recovery people. Then I walked two miles back to the car. When the guy arrived, I have proudly produced my locking wheelnutthingie ( do you remember the drama in November when I had to have them all drilled off because I could not find the wheelnuthingie?). He took the flat off and then he took the cover of the spare and then announced that it does not fit. Honda forgot to drill the spare off in November...
For a moment my heart sunk and I thought Oh I am ******.Luckily this man, my hero, this knight in shining green armour - Carl of Basingstoke's Green Flag somehow managed to chisel, hammer, screw, knock the bloody locking nut off and release the spare tyre, changing the wheel, thus allowing me to get on with my life instead of being towed away again.
I love you Carl.
Now it is 2pm and I need to get on. I shall go on about it slowly.
PS Mr B said he is gonna get me a trike ....

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