Behind gauze..

Just have been climbing along the inlet guide vanes of unit EC 5, using the blue vanes in the background as a ladder.
I'm getting older.... and I'm realizing myself I'm not so limber anymore.
Every 3 months the first row of blades of the compressor have to be checked because in the past at similar gasturbines cracks occurred, causing the blades to be ripped off, causing the entire machine to crash.
So there was a small scratch they wanted me to witness, just to be sure the right decision was made. We decided no further action was needed, but we keep it in mind for the next inspection.
So this is the air inletduct (one out of two) and Jan and Erwin are standing behind the gauze which has to protect the compressor from foreign objects.
We have to leave our helmets off, because climbing with a helmet at that place is unworkable.

Later on I had to climb up again to do the final inspection after the technicians finished work at the compressor.
Procedures, just to be sure.
It has a reason... 15 years ago a technician "forgot" a bolt at unit EC 3 and this caused a complete crash of the gasturbine, causing an outage of months.
So final inspection with a checklist has to be done by the shiftleader on duty.

How do we know it was a bolt? Well, the bolts have been casted and have marks (brand, size etc.) on it. In one of the crashed blades one could see the impression of such a bolt....

Here is the picture in LARGE....

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