Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

... Lip-smackin' good!

She - and her tongue - are really better view LARGE!

I was having my usual morning cup of tea, looking out over the Bistro and the woods beyond when my bleary eye caught a wisp of movement. Up went the lens (because it is easier than trying to find the cheapo pair of binoculars that are here somewhere) and ... voila! A deer! Soon to be followed by six more - does life GET any better? Looked like a couple of does and some yearlings. They are masters of camouflage - unless you catch a glimpse of their tails or white muzzles, you really woulnd't even know they are there. I felt fortunate to have been looking out the window at just the right time. I didn't even try to go outside - they would have run into the deep woods the minute the door cracked open. So, I enjoyed the moment and snapped of some pics from the sofa. I liked this one because she is clearly licking her deer-lips! Not coincidental that she had been eating from the seeds I scatter at the edge of the woods. The turkeys always come to this spot, too.

Happy to say that the vultures cleared out, one by one, by sunset. I'm sure they'll be back as they seem to like to perch in the trees behind our house. Crazy things. I just hope I don't start naming them...

Reminder for everyone who is interested in birds in the US and Canada - this weekend (Friday through Monday) is the Great Backyard Bird Count sponsored by Cornell and the Audubon Society. You can participate all for days or just one - watch for hours or just for a few minutes. Reporting is done easily from this website so no forms to fill out. I encourage everyone in the US and Canada to participate! Also, for those of us who like photographing birds, they have a photo contest! Details on the website.

I am off to do a presentation today on human behavioral styles (ironic, no?) so figured I'd blip early since I'm not sure when I'll get home.

Happy Humpday! Two days until GBBC!!!

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