The fool on the hill

By mooncoin


I was hoping to use second curtain flash sinc to get the model in the pic at the end of the exposure - but it didn't work due to duff batteries and lack of flash power. It was a cold blustery old night anyway and to be honest I was glad to get back in. B saw the pics and said that if I was an 11 year old she'd be impressed. Next time I'll try three flashes - and make sure the lens is properly focused.
I've been reading Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion and being an atheist I was prepared to do a lot of nodding to myself. In a nutshell what he's saying is: if there is such a thing as intelligent design then who designed God? But he labours the point enough to make me think that maybe there is a God - especially when he talks about the limits of the universe and multiverses and you think, well what's beyond all that then? Maybe it's a big bloke in white robes with a beard.

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