The Daily Martin

By martinalexrolph


Only one lecture today, which I was going to be so late to that there was no point in going. I did catch up though, reading the slides whilst sitting outside which was a pleasant surprise! Of course I was still wearing my coat but it makes a change from the freezing cold.

After that there was the second PhotoSoc exec meeting of the week - and the last one with any of the old exec! It will be sad to no longer see them quite so reliably, but there is no way I am losing contact so they will not disappear completely.

It has been a good year.

The new exec seem to be settling in well, too. We are very engineer-heavy but still a fairly varied bunch and I think everyone is very well suited to their roles.

For the next few hours we went to the darkroom, mostly for a clear-out but also just as a social thing. I did the 'proper' handover to Dave who is already more organised than I was.

But what a difference those hours made to the darkroom! It's still not perfect but it's a hell of a lot closer. We hung out there until around 7, when I got the bus to Leamington for a friend's birthday. Nominally we were pre-drinking at hers before going to Pop, which I did go to but left pretty quickly. I should learn from history: I do not enjoy Pop. Still a great evening, though and the birthday girl certainly had a great time.

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