Eat Cake or Die

By MinnieRiot

Happy Pancake Day

I used to think I didn't like pancakes until someone else made me them- turns out I just can't make 'the easiest thing after eggs.' Well today I truly excelled in my kitchen skills- managing to ruin several pancakes from a MIX by asking for a 'fat pancake' thinking this would instantly make them American style (not the case). I then burnt a stack of them turning them into batter biscuits by putting them in a 200 degree oven to 'keep them warm' oops! Slybacon stepped in (well made them all) and with all the toppings-nutella, blueberrys, creme frieche, sugar, lemon, maple syrup, raspberrys, they went down a treat. NOM


Hope you had a good one too!

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