Particles & Waves

By EdwardFenner

Reading Week and Palindrome Day

Yesterday was a holiday - Family Day, specifically - so today was the first day back at work and the campus is pretty much deserted. Students tend to go home and stay home and *ahem* study or so is the intention. Some might head to Florida or somewhere to soak up some sun and heat, others may head to snowier latitudes to do some skiing. Some students (not just those in residence) come to campus and do some studying (the libraries were fairly active), do some research, consult with a prof or and advisor or get some practice sessions in. I held my usual Tuesday open door drop-in but had no takers for essay help today.

Today is a also palindrome day: 2012 21 02 (YYYY DD MM) or 21 02 2012 (DD MM YYYY).

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