Diamond Geezers

£4.30 for a baked spud and a tiny bottle of apple juice. I really don't know how our students can afford to eat in this place at all.

No wonder they all just head down en masse to the nearest McDonalds crammed into their gnarly souped up Fords and Fiats at lunchtimes (we know they do this, because they refuse to allow the McDonalds detritus to clutter up their gnarly souped up Fords and Fiats any longer than is biologically necessary to wolf down their Big Tastys (TM) as they unselfconsciously dump the tell-tale paper bags outside each door then drive off leaving what looks like small public art installations dotted at intervals all along the kerbside.

If only I hadn't left my spicy meatballs in a tupperware tub in the fridge back at home. I was looking forward to them today.

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