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By lrw

Ski Day #17

This is the top of the Polar Peak summit. It is the highest point at Fernie at 2134m (7000ft). The view up here was amazing, spectacular. This image does not do the view any justice at all. (I was not thinking about stitching these images to create a panorama when I took them, so they don't line up as well as they should)

From this peak, there are only very difficult black runs and one pseudo blue that really should be called black too. We took what we thought might be the easiest of the blacks. It was crazy how steep this pitch was. And the snow was crazy deep. The chair to this area has been closed all week and we've had a lot of new snow. Very little of it tracked when we got up there.

I can tell you, I was more than a little nervous while dropping into the run. And probably because of my anxiety, I fell. I tumbled, once. One ski popped off. I was able to recover pretty quickly though. Emma seemed to enjoy the show a little more than she should have ;). I then took two turns and fell again! Lost that same ski again! Very frustrated, I took a few deep breaths and did the rest of the run without incident. But it was hard. Hardest run I think I have ever tackled! But I did it! :D

Later in the day Emma asked me to create a panorama image for her FB cover photo. I took much better care to ensure the frames lined up and that picture turned out better. I might have used it instead of this one, but I think the location here is important and I want it documented that I was really here ;)

The other pano on my Flickr account. (you can probably use your right arrow key to scroll through other pics of fernie).

ps. I forgot to change y/day's comments to include links to the Flickr images. I have done that now ;)

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