A'Chleit, Kintyre

The Church at A'Chleit in West Kintyre always fascinates me when I drive past. It sits on a small promontary facing the Island of Gigha , which can be seen behind (along with a couple of the Gigha wind turbines , which I have blipped before)

The history of the church is also fascinating. The orgiinal parish church was at nearby Kilean, but the story goes ;

In 1770, Killean's minister, Robert Thomson, made very clear to his congregation that they should not attempt to enter the old Killean Church for the service that morning for he was fearful of danger befalling anyone going inside.

Some later believed that an angel had appeared before Thomson to give warning but, in the course of a prayer, the heavy freestone roof of the church fell in with a terrible crash. .

20 years later the congregation was worshipping at A'Chliet but this "new" church was not started until 1788. Its construction was dogged by heavy rain and gales (a bit like current day weather) and the first servcie was not held until 1790.

You can find out a bit more about A'Chliet here .

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