By Bittersweet

The psychedelic colours of London Victoria.

benefits from enlargement...

Honestly it was almost like that, today at noon, sun shining at the walls, the lovely Battersea across the bridge, me looking through the dirty train window.
Just a little bit of cross processing.

The carriage was half empty, but we were all entertained by an angry young man who had his phone headphones in his ears and had a loud conversation with someone about Sarah, who is uncommited and totally rubbish for business, ( watch out Sarah, I think you will be fired by then next Alan Sugar soon.). The multisensory experience was enhanced by an undercover farter, who kept letting them silently....Jesu, I thought I will choke.

I go up to Victoria to see the guy who is doing his PhD on OCD and is incredibly helpful. It is tiring and emotional but good stuff for both of us. He has a nutter to study and I have a therapist who understands.

Now I am back and totally shattered, I have found a stale croissant, so am taking it to bed with a cup of tea and The book Let the right one in..., it is scaring the bejesus out of me, but I cannot put it down. I will be seeing vampires all night again.

Life is bit hectic at the moment, I am pondering if to chuck it in at work, I am tending to my children, each in a crisis of its own. Mr B flies in occassionally to change his underpants (he should really become Dutch citizen), the dogs breath stinks and the mountain of ironing is growing faster than a foot fungus. Feels very much the same way too. So forgive me my late lack of commentual contact and unoriginal photos, I still want to blip, even if it is not with my usual forte!
Have a fandabydosy ( is that how it is spelt) evening!

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