Clix : Aperture Wide Shut

By clix


A very long day today. No chance to blip until 10:30pm.

And it rained all day into the early evening.

One of the things I didn't appreciate fully until I started coming to the Bay Area is the Asian influence that is prevalent everywhere. And I don't mean influence in any light context. Some cities round here have 65% plus of their population who define themselves as of Asian ethnic origin.

Apart from the incredible melting pot of multi-cultural diversity there is the cuisine.

Oh boy. Chinese, Japanese, Malsian, Korean, etc, etc.

And very good food at that too.

Tonight was Japanese. Sushi, sashimi, wasabi. Yum yum yum.

I have definitely eaten the best Japanese food ever here in California.

One day I might be lucky enough to visit Japan itself.

Now that would be a foody and photographers heaven.

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