horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

New/Old Project

Last year I started on a new project, photographing the Art Deco architecture in Edinburgh (a few of them got blipped as well: Fountainbridge Library; County Cinema (now George Bingo); Causewayside Garage). One of the things I was hoping to do with the shots was basically get the interest of a publisher.

The idea went on the back burner as I lost the light in the mornings and nights to spin by places on the way to or from work; and the weather meant I couldn't get the consistent blue skies. I've got a list of at least 50 buildings to shoot, and I've only worked through 10 or so so far, and I'm finding more all the time. From telephone exchanges to government buildings; from former cinemas now selling beds to flats tucked away down side streets. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled on a book in Waterstones on 'Interiors of Edinburgh' and it rekindled the idea. I've got a couple of likely publishers, and I've started pulling together some sample pages, a synopsis, and agonising over the covering letter.

Who knows. Fingers crossed.

Two more days of castdom for Mel.

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