Life of Aidan.. and Niamh

By AidanJack

Hi Mum

Ok, so she's not quite saying two words yet, but there were some definite "Mam"s today. Almost makes up for the 5am wake up this morning...
She went back to sleep until 7am after some milk, so I am thinking that she must be hungry, but she eats plenty during the day...
Reminder to self: she will not be wee for long. Embrace the trying times as she will be all grown up before you know it. Try not to stress or over analyse her behaviour...
Lovely session this morning at Toddlers. Aidan didn't assault any other children, so that was definitely a bonus. Niamh played in the Jumperoo for ages while I helped the kids make some Mother's Day cards. I really enjoyed that - much more than I thought I would.
I walked with the pram up to Aidan's nursery to drop him off, which was fine. what was not so fine was the fact that hailstones started on the way back down the road. By the time I got home my face was nippin' and numb. There's nothing like cold like that to make you feel alive.
I put Niamh in the sling when were at home and practised some ways to carry her using UTube. She loved it.
So armed with some confidence, I took Niamh in the sling when I went to pick Aidan up. It was great. Only problem was that she lost a sock on the way there and it was bitterly cold so I had to tuck one foot in. Thankfully Aidan found her sock on the back down the road.

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