What did I see today...?

By DaveR

Das Boot

Cheesiest title ever? Quite possibly, but how could I resist? :-D

Today's plan, because the sun was shining, was to head back into town and the river to get a shot further downstream from yesterday's. That plan was scuppered though when come the end of the day the sun abruptly disappeared into a great, grey morass and did not look like coming out again*.

There's a nature preserve near to the new house which used to be a chalk pit, it's probably the hilliest part of Cambridgeshire I've ever been in (and I seem to be cycling all over the place these days) which I'm guessing is due to grass overgrowing disused pits and chalk mounds.

The sign at the entrance to the preserve lists about twenty different species of birds that you can see in the place, but that's not entirely accurate. I could definitely hear at least ten different types (no idea what) but the only birds that I could see were pigeons, more pigeons and even more pigeons.

It's like the others were all shouting warnings to stay out of camera shot.

Well, there was no way I was going to put a photo of a pigeon in, so I started walking back out of the preserve, dodging a few small raised patches when my eyes saw this little fella. The rest of me kept walking until my brain finally made a connection and pointed out that this would be better than taking a shot of the airfield**.

And so here it is, a rather small plastic boot with a hole in its toe (similar to some of my old boots in fact), and presumably the rest of the action man that accompanied it is elsewhere in the preserve. Looking at the way it was set up, I do wonder if he maybe fireworked off someplace else...

*it didn't, and that actually makes me feel a bit better!
**good brain, it was right; looked very dull today under the grey.

PS: finally, finally caught up on past comments, past Blips and everything else - just in time to head off for another weekend!

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