Roadmap of a Leaf

Quite a day today. First I took Arvin to the dentist where he spent almost two hours in the chair. He has a new filling and a repair of a tooth.

From there we drove to Il Caffe Refugio on Mount Baker Highway in Demming. The purpose of the trip was to hang my Georgia Pacific paintings at the restaurant. They really look great there. This is the first time ever that I've had three simultaneous shows going, one in Seattle at the Olympic Apartment complex, one at the Colophon Cafe in Fairhaven, and the one I just hung in Demming. My walls at home are looking kind of bare. Can't say I mind one bit!

We stayed for lunch. Richard, the owner, makes amazing delicious food in the Italian style. Mmm. It's a great place to stop if you are heading up to Mt Baker.

When I got home I decided to potter around on the deck and plant the flowers I had bought awhile back and put in the lily bulbs I got at Costco. That's when I took this photo of a defunct leaf from one of the plants on my deck. The colors and lines remind me of the desert photos I've been working on from our Las Vegas trip. I love the colors. This is what they really look like, with a tiny touch of added saturation. Take a look at the large version.

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