Housewife's Choice

By christilou


This is Little B resting on a chair in the conservatory after a long walk. He can hardly keep his eyes open yet feels it's his duty to struggle up and totter after anyone that moves out of his field of view. I've come to dread the clatter of his little nails as they slipslide over the tile/wood floors here! He had a wonderful time in the woods but my husband picked him up pretty smartly when he found a badger set entrance! I've heard that a badger will bite the head off a little terrier if disturbed :( We tried to teach him to come using a whistle and rewarded him with his beloved cheese morsels. Big R has spent the afternoon totally relaxed on the sofa, unlike Little B who is now up and about and racing around the garden for round 2 and Naughty Time>

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