Life of Aidan.. and Niamh

By AidanJack

Auntie Jacqueline!

My sister was her visiting this weekend and Aidan was VERY pleased to see her - especially as she had brought him lots of chocolate!
Unfortunately, I was still unwell but we managed to make the most of it. After some pancakes for breakfast we rushed up to Glasgow to the Mitchell library. As part of the Aye Write Festival we went to see a show called Sticky Kids.
Aidan had woken feeling pretty yucky so I was unsure how he would be, but he loved it. He was singing along and dancing and having a good wee time to himself. And so was my sister! Niamh was great too. She was mesmerised with the goings on and was waving her hands about in excitement when the music was on.
Afterwards we went to Kelvingrove for some lunch and then had a wander about the bottom floor. Jacqueline and Aidan watched the organist playing and Aidan clapped when he had finished.
One of the reasons for my sister's visit was to join us for a family meal celebrating my parents' anniversary. I was doped up on painkillers an Hubby's auntie Elaine was on hand to babysit, so we managed to make it out after some deliberating.
I'm glad we did. It was nice to have everyone altogether and we had a laugh, even if I did feel like death warmed up.
Elaine was brilliant with the kids and they both went to bed with no problems whatsoever. She told us that Aidan had "kept her right" by telling her which lights to put off, where to read his story, to not wake Niamh up...
Such a bossy boy.

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