Leap Year Freak

It wasn't until I'd collected and bagged up two hundred empty beer bottles that I had the chance to sit down and take a proper look at all the wonderful cards and gifts people left me with last night. I have so many cool new things I never knew I needed.

This was one of my favourites - not just because Gav got me a copy of Two Decades of Hardfloor on fruity coloured vinyl, or because he asked the acid house legends to sign it for me, or because it was accompanied by a signed t-shirt. No, it was the small card from Gav I discovered inside the box which made it for me. It said "Hope you like it leap year freak!"

Thanks, Gav. And thanks also to all the other freaks who've made me feel so special since having to endure the misfortune of not being a thirty-something any more; it's been the best birthday ever.

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