Robin at large

By Robin

Sheriff's Court and Archibald Simpson

Today summer arrived, no doubt it is not here to stay and some cold days still lie ahead. Brilliant sunshine again. During the course of the morning I was shedding layers of clothing, and a shirt without a jacket was sufficient for the weather.

My lens was not quite ready for the weather either, it had forgotten to put a sunglass on. According to the photograph, and the camera never lies, there were some light clouds in the sky, though I must admit at the time I new noticed them.

The building in the foreground I seem to recall used to be Clydesdale Bank, like several other pubs and churches in Aberdeen it is now a pub. So I guess it is still in the money making business.

The building with the tower is the Sheriffs Court. I am standing in Castlegate facing towards Union Street. By standing in the shadow I was able to avoid getting my own shadow in the photograph for once.

With the arrival of Monday it could be back to office Blips tomorrow!

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