In-between the seconds

By Lisalou

I had fun today, I made the teachers paint. Often when I have a class the teacher is doing something else or being the quite observer. Today I had them in Granddad shirts painting.

They enjoyed it (I think).

Then I had time to do wedding stuff. The invitations to foreigners ie. British and Paris people have been sent out. Local people will be getting their "save the date" thingie soon. We have photographer friends who are (hopefully)coming to the wedding (including one or two blippers) Although I love their work, any photos that they want to take and want to share with us is more than brilliant, you just can't be as demanding if you are not paying someone.

I have been meeting up with wedding photographers which is just scary and not what we want at all. Today I met up with someone who is a photo journalist. Much more our style.

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