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Parish Church of All Saints, Denton and Caldecote

It's been a funny old day today.

I was at the hospital this morning to see the optometrist. As a result, I'm reverting back to my previous glasses for a few weeks before speaking to him again, as it seems that the small prism in my current pair might be useless more of the time than it is useful. There may also be some other stuff going on but it's more about how my visual signals are being processed than the actual functionality of my eyes so I've been tasked with doing some research.

Aside from that, it's been a quiet day. I'd mostly cleared the deck workwise as I wasn't sure if I my eyes were going to be dilated at the hospital. In the end they weren't, so I made a start on switching a client's poster from portrait to landscape. I then ventured out to see the new hygienist at our dental surgery. It wasn't the most pleasurable of experiences as she was more aggressive than the previous lady, but I have to admit that my teeth feel cleaner than they have in a very long time.

The sun came out as I left the surgery and there was a haze in the air, so I went for a drive in search of an atmospheric landscape. None of the shots came out how I wanted, so I took a turn into a lane leading to Denton, a tiny village I'd never investigated before...and stumbled upon this ruined, but grade II listed, church. I got a few suspicious looks from a nearby farmer but was determined to take advantage of this blip gift. Although I liked the pictures as they were, I had the urge to tweak and today's blip is the result. The original and a couple of other shots are on my Flickr page.

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