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Celebrity and Treasures of Portsmouth

Picked up the little ones for Daddy Day today and we headed out for a walk. After a few purchases and a walk past the theatre Girl wanted to go for cake so we did. Whilst we sat in our favorite cake shop, that was strangely empty, a real geezer came in shouting down his phone, he then left. Shortly after he came back in and started shouting about what pasties were sold. The Belgium owner was simply confused.

If you can imagine a really stupid person who sounds like a shouty Jamie Oliver wearing glasses with the security tag still attached then you have a picture of this geezer. He then shouted for some chocolate cake and then demanded some chocolate cake. The confused owner served away, keeping quiet. At this point four young ladies, one of which looked familiar, started looking at the cakes and pastries in the window. The geezer then opened the door called them sexy and stated that if any of them came in he would buy them a cake. The ladies walked off. He had clearly picked up on the fact that the owner of the cafe was from abroad from his accent and so presuming he could not possibly be fluent in English (which he is) started asking after a menu like a true Brit abroad. "M..E.. NEW?" He then repeated this a few times before leaving when the owner, waitress and myself all burst out laughing. Sadly he then went in the flat next door so I think the cafe may have a new neighbour. Sometimes Pompey simply lives up to its reputation.

Thankfully other times it doesn't. Shortly after, we left the cafe and wandered back up the road. Boy was getting heavy so I stopped to transfer him to the buggy by the Kings theatre. Chicago is being performed this week. Girl was asking about it looking at the poster. We were then sure as to why we recognised one of the ladies from outside the cafe. It was Ali Bastian from Hollyoaks and Strictly Not Watching fame. I told Girl that the lady in the picture was one of the ones from the cafe which started lots of questions, mainly about the curly hair in the Chicago poster.

As we started for home we then realised we were heading straight towards Miss Bastian, who was standing outside a shop with her little doggie. Girl wanted to ask if her hair has to be curled for the show so I told her she should ask her as we walk past. As we approached her Girl bottled it and asked me to ask the question. I did and Girl got a lovely smiley answer that yes the hair is curly but secretly it is a wig. At this point I was going to ask for a photo with Girl, but then Boy saw the doggie and got quite upset meaning we had to quickly leave without saying much more.

As we headed for home I couldn't help but think that I had just walked away from this meeting looking like some sort of sad Hollyoaks fan, come stalker. I essentially walked up to a young, some would say very pretty, tv actress and asker her about her hair before walking off in an uncomfortable hurry.

Girl didn't give a monkeys though, there was only one thing on her mind, which was "Whats a wig?" We discussed this as we walked and whilst we discussed I considered how since the children came along I do seem to have much better adventures than before they were here.

On the way home it was more adventure as we found some treasure, a geocache. I was looking at geocaching on the web the other day after seeing that someone local did it. Its our first such find and was quite fun to look for though Girl did not really understand or like that we had to put it back. I am not sure if it is something we will get into but was a bit of fun on the way home.

Once home some friends piled round for the usual young mayhem, whilst I told the other parents of our adventures. Well its not every day a bald bloke gets to talk wigs with someone of the telly box is it.

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