MeriRand & the NW Passage

By randra

3.14 -- ? Day!

So I made cupcakes? hrmm...

Yup, today I worked at home again, but had a friend over to eat some of that leftover moqueca. I walked down to the grocery store to buy stuff for cupcakes- I was thinking I'd make something out of maracuja (passion fruit). I found a baking isle and, though I didn't need it for this recipe, I thought I had some yeast in my hands! "Bwhahahhaah!" I thought. "I will make REAL bread!... and cupcakes." But alas! When I got home, I saw that Portuguese had again foiled me. It was essentially baking soda. Why was it right next what was obviously packets of yeast? I will never know. The cupcakes turned out ok. I needed more baking soda in them (ironically) and I don't know what difference it would have made to have used sour cream instead of cream cheese (at least, I *think* I ended up getting cream cheese instead of sour cream... so many words I don't know!)

On a related note, I think it's funny how different countries package things differently. I would say the States package things for the consumer. Here they seem to package things for shipping. I haven't figured out how to properly cut or pour my boxed milk yet. But practice and time will sort this out (and hopefully my Portuguese, too!).

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