East Sands, St Andrews

Well, well, well, the weathermen got it right. A glorious day, bright and warm with just a small breeze.

We headed into St A's to get the boy's haircut and for Mr Lif to pick up some DIY objects. The town was a tad strange today. Filled with young men in lederhosen and young ladies looking peasanty. All very strange. I had been expecting people in green, drinking guinness and saying "tu be shuurre"

We wandered down to the harbour where a small boat had just come in and was off loading its catch of shellfish. Mr Lif blipped some of the produce. The light was superb and we had a wander along the beach

Back home and I headed out to the garden to tend to the grass and clear more debris whilst himself got on with his chores.

I thought I might have my first al fresco cava of the year but by the tine I finished at 4:30 it was a tad too chilly :) Mebbes next week

Chin chin and have a fab Saturday blippers x

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