The Wold

The Wolds is a pub nearby. It's nice to know I'm the best mum in there.

Some old people came over. We took them out for tapas


The MIL said stuff like this....
Oh this is very modern. What do I do? But surely they are for vegetarians. Can I have two vegetable dishes? Halloumi? Halloumi? Halloumi? What 3 dishes? But will it all come together? Butter beans. Yes, well it is nice cava Rachel, but it all that wine stuff tastes the same to me. Have they got any Woodpecker? Oh Terry watch ordering that it might have that garlic in it. Oh do I order more than one dish? Butter beans, I like butter beans, they make baked beans out of them you know. Oh it's all very modern, you young people. Oh.

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