Salisbury cathedral

So today we went to Salisbury cathedral. It was a perfect day for the tower tour.
We got a very sprightly pensioner (seriously he must have been born before the Boer war) as our guide. He was running up and down the spiral staircases like a jackal. I could not keep up with him! All the photos of him scaling the heights are blurred.
My sister fitted into the mediaeval corridors just fine and at the end she had the last laugh as I was the one panicking in the tiny spaces of the spiral staircases and the whole group had to spur me on!
The tower space in the cathedral is immense and it takes 5 levels of about 330 steps in total to get to the top. The views are wonderful if you have the courage to stand there on the outside of the base of the spire, just a small metal handrail between you and the drop.
I have put more photos of the staircases and some views into my blipfolio.
The picture is of the font - incredible large quartefoil shaped thing that reflects the space beautifully.

Ps sorry for not talking, I have not seen my sister for two years, nice to catch up...

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