Voyage of a Beagle & Lab

By Inez

Slow Blip Day

Almost had a lovely Blip (in my minds eye, don't we always), Joshie climbed into our bed at 6.30am and promptly fell asleep against his dad, the sun was squeezing around the curtains and it looked like a beautiful sepia picture without even tweaking it! Alas when I got out of bed Joshie moved and D decided it was time to get up - I really should take my camera everywhere, but thank you Blip for making me stop and appreciate the moment.
This little cherry shrub thing (I'm well up on my gardening terms) was planted last year and I have high hopes that it will grow so that the tips of its branches mingles with the darker pink that grows next to it but this was the best I could do to get a shot of both this year, (the blossom will start to fade soon and I'll find something else to bore you with).
Now on holiday for almost 2 weeks - hooray, hope everyone has a fab weekend!

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