Smiles #1 - KryptoMart and Edisteve

This is my new series. It's called "Smiles". For the next 12 days, I'll try to capture different people smiling.

I think we don't smile enough, and a smile makes such a difference to everything. An honest smile and not a forced one, of course! To start with, people always look more beautiful when they're smiling, and you always get a better response from people if you smile. I always like it when complete strangers smile at me in the street. I always smile back.

These are my blipmates KryptoMart and Edisteve, who I met today for lunch and a wee chat. I had a great time with them. It was really sunny outside, but the wind was a bit chilly.

Do you know what happened to me on my way to meeting them? I went to a cashline machine to get some cash, and the machine was faulty and swallowed my card! I had to get back home to call my bank and cancel my card and get some money transfered into my flatmate's account so that I could have some money for the weekend! Just my luck! Anyway, My mini blipmeet later on cheered me up!

This evening I've been invited to two Birthday parties, one of a friend who's turning 30 and another of a friend who's turning 40! Decisions, decisions... I might go to both! See how it goes.

Tomorrow I'm going to Dunbar to meet another blip friend, visit the place and take some photos, so I'll try not to be too hangover tomorrow!

Thanks very much for all your nice comments about my cake! I hope you're all having a great weekend! :)

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