The Northerner

By tangohead

Welcome Home

Listen to this or this whilst reading this post.

Two great songs, listen to them both, you know you want to.

My parents picked me up for the journey North today. It's nice to be home.

I decided to go with this shot because 1) I didn't have much else to take a photo of and 2) it mirrors this blip quite nicely. As per usual, it's raining up here. It does that a lot, definitely more than the Midlands, but I don't mind so much as I quite like rain!

Coding begins tomorrow, so today I'll have a bit of a break. I'm hoping that over Easter I'll get chance to play a bit more guitar. I've missed that over the past few weeks.

I'm looking forward to meeting up with college mates again, as well. I'm sure that most people at uni will testify how difficult it is to keep up with your college friends, since everyone has a lot going on. Holidays provide a perfect chance to kick back and have a few drinks with them. Lovely.

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