Canals of Leiden

Back home after a great little weekend tacked onto the end of a work trip. Today we were mostly not impressed with Dutch Railways (lack of information resulted in us ending up in Haarlem when we wanted to get to Amsterdam Central and having to get a rail replacement bus to Amsterdam Sloterdijk) and definitely impressed with the culinary skills of our friend with whom we had lunch in Amsterdam.

Now enjoying a cup of tea and thinking about a busy week ahead.

This is a strange photo. It looks almost monochrome apart from the blue sky. I guess that comes from shooting into the sun.

Having accidentally done the right thing for 1 April (reflections), I have subsequently decided to try and join in a 30 day challenge for April, to keep my blip mojo going during a tiring month.

The challenge seems to come from the photography club in Akureyri in Northern Iceland, and is set out on Gunnlaug's journal here.

30 day-challenge:
1. Reflection
2. Mail
3. In my neighbourhood
4. Movement
5. Tiny
6. Shadow
7. In my purse
8. Egg
9. Pattern
10. Dirty
11. Bizarre
12. Window
13. Written words
14. Relaxation
15. Transportation
16. Red
17. The last thing I bought
18. Hair
19. Summer is here!
20. Bottle
21. Before / After
22. Good times
23. Vegetables
24. I'm thankful for...
25. Breakfast
26. A sign
27. Somewhere I went today
28. At 13:00
29. Circle
30. Emotion

I'm really looking forward to following this challenge.

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