By snehith


Ok. If you want to go by the meaning of the Urban Dictionary for the Title, you can safely assume that it what happened to me to my one time visit to Stockholm. The name had seduced me over a period time. It along with the other European cities like Prague, Brussels, Venice, Paris and Vienna. And I am glad I was able to get over one of them yesterday, though one day is a short time to get to know a city completely, I at least felt the essence of it, thanks to my workplace. So I am not complaining. Not At all.

Now since the day started at 5 am and ended at 12:30 am, I cannot completely remember what all had happened, and the frames I have seen today, or the ones that my mind had captured like a Polaroid camera but never printed any of them. The train journey to and from the city, my first one in Europe, was one where it seemed that the train was stationary, but the world outside was moving at a fast pace, like that of a moving postcard.

I remember how close the city seemed to be to something of a city that is from my part of the world, but of course in the European way. I remember the greek salad I had for lunch. I remember the Medieval architecture that donned the buildings, the small restaurants for varied cuisines near the central station. I remember the dogs that looked like the paris fashion week models (literally).I remember the woman guard at the Riddarholmskyrkan, or the palace of the princess, built in the 13th Century. I remember the lady and the gentleman who were parting ways for the day at the corner of the street in front of a shop that read "The Coffee Place". I remember the various H&M stores, and the lane that separated the old and the new part of the city.

It felt quite at home, also because of the fact that I could see a MKGandhi's photograph in the restaurant I had lunch, and also the posters of Aishwarya Rai and Deepika Padukone outside the Longines and the Tissot outlets, respectively :)

I wanted to buy the drinking horn as a souvenir, but that would have meant that I would also have to buy the viking helmet to go with it. So I ended up buying a maget of the city, as well as that of a Viking.

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