Portrait of a Woman

I posted this at the end of a busy day, too tired to write anything. And maybe too tired to pick the best photo from my shoot. I was torn, do I post the colour image or this b&w. I love b&w portraits, but her skin is so pale and she was wearing the most perfect lipstick to bring out the detail of her lips. I see now too that this image makes her face look a little rounder than it actually is. But I don't actually think that matters as I am the only one who really knows her look. So, this image is good.

It is the next day now as I write this. I have a clearer head after a good night's sleep. I can say something about my day.

I met this very lovely young woman last year. She wanted a portrait done then and found me. We had fun creating some nice images back then in an old factory I know about. Last week she called and asked if I would be available to do an updated portrait. We picked an outdoor setting this time in an old, derelict barn just out of town. It was great fun.

Now, I have a busy day of editing these images!

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