How glam!!

Just home from an adventure - look, we went much further than you thought!! Who would have thought L A could look so lush and green! Okay, it's actually Hollywood County Wicklow - a tiny little place nestling amongst the Wicklow hills but the fact they have this sign made me laugh - a lot. The weather of course is typically Californian - I had to linger a good few minutes to blip this as it kept on disappearing in the mist.
We've had a brilliant few days and walked our socks off but are now wrecked. We arrived at Glendalough in horizontal gale force sleet - not good when you're hoping to do some serious walking. In the morning the snow was thick enough for snowballs!! We persevered and the sun came out followed by two days of cloudless skies, fierce north winds and stunning scenery.
We've walked miles through forests, mountain tops, dramatic lakesides, over bogs and down waterfalls. We've seen loads of wild goats, a herd of red deer, a peregrine falcon, a fox, three stone circles (one with a henge), two round towers and lots of teeny churchs connected with St Kevin, and an amazing full moon. Too wrecked now to back blip but will do so tomorrow. Happy Easter.

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