4th Year - The Start

I felt I was cheating yesterday getting a balloon for 3 years of blipping when it should really have been today were in not for that leap day!

Thank you all for your wonderful, encouraging comments yesterday, I will get round to visit your journals in the next week. x

This was the surprise day out I was going to have on which to take my celebratory blip! Chippy had been gifted a ticket for a day at Falconry Days, near Hexham and knew I would love to go along too! It was a special day for photographers, the falconers were willing to set the birds in various surroundings and fly them until we thought we'd got the shots we wanted. No tuition, but just giving over the day to 20 of us.

I took over 1000 photos, many of them rubbish, you know what it's like shooting on Burst. It took me ages to go through them all and in the end I chose this one to show how close we were to these birds.

If you want to see what happened next look here. Yes, that is the jess over the camera. If you thought that was too close for comfort flick through the next few images on Flickr, they have been quickly edited to help you imagine the day.

6 hours of great photo fun, it would make a great blip event and if we could round up another 17, I'm sure we would get good rates, and photos.

Thank you, Chippy.

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